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Future Life Financial Services was established in July 2019. Future Life Financial Services is a wealth management and advisory company providing a unique blend of financial solutions to protect the future of our clients. We offer a wide range of financial, insurance, and investment services to help you. But our role is different from others, unlike other organizations, we offer need-based solutions based on the goals and risk profile of our clients.


C S. Prashanth has more than 18 years of experience in the financial industry.
He obtained the Professional Patterns of Management (PPM) from the signature management development training course of Kinder Brothers International (KBI).
He has been passionate about Finance, investments, and helping people achieve Financial freedom. Future Life Financial Services, The firm he founded with a team of experienced professionals helps people Manage their investments and make better Financial planning choices.

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Our Vision

Aims to be the most useful, reliable and efficient provider of Financial Services. It is our continuous endeavour to be a trustworthy partner to our clients, helping them protect and grow their wealth, and achieve their life goals.


Our Mission

We pay attention to all the details that you volunteer through a financial planning exercise and help you find out who you are as an investor and who you need to be, to meet your financial goals. We identify ways that could bridge the gap between your resources and aspirations, by recreating several likely life scenarios that await you. And to ensure the highest degree of success, we constantly analyze the markets for any risks to your plan and suggest necessary steps at every life stage and phase of the market. With the end objective of your maximum wealth creation and smoother risk management, we shall help you implement the necessary strategies through various financial products like Mutual Funds, Stocks, PMS, Bonds, Loans, Retirement Plans etc.

We help you see the clear picture with an objective mindset. The disciplined investment process removes all financial media noise and provides you objective, rational, long term oriented investment advice.

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