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Business Loans

A business loan is a kind of financing you can avail to meet the urgent needs of your growing business.


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What is a business loan?

You can take a business loan to fund your business investments and projects. A business loan can help your business venture to prosper at a faster pace and you can finish stagnant projects immediately.




Banking and NBFC finance still remain the mainstay of India’s small and medium enterprises. Business loans help your small business grow, allowing you to invest in infrastructure, operations, and plant and machinery. Moreover, business loans can also be a veritable medium of maintaining Business for critical business operations. Customized business loans are a new category of business loans which are tailored to meet the specific needs of a new age business or startup. These loans offer your enterprise the opportunity to scale and give it the competitive edge necessary for success in today’s world.

You can use a business loan to:

Benefits of Business Loans

Accessible and Convenient – Accessible is the best feature of banks, it is a very essential factor as well as there will be a need for regular conversations, depositing savings, or any withdrawals. After being a customer for a specific bank for years, the customer gains trust in the bank, and simultaneously a good track record will help the bank to be lenient with its customers too. This familiarization helps in having personalized services.

Multiple Loan Options – All banks promote various types of programs and schemes to encourage businesspersons setups to make use of these. The actual earnings for all bank are from the rate of interest charges on loans. Few options offered are standard business loans, term loans, and others as per the need.

Non Profit Sharing – Angel investors and venture capitalists agree to offer a loan with the agreement of having partial ownership of the business, they will thus get the right to powers of the business and in decision makings also they will share the profits of the business along with the business owner. On the flip side, banks don’t put their hands into business money, everything you earned through your business is all yours. There is no share of profits or loss. Banks sanction a loan with the intention of getting their interest and partial loan-payment installments.

Lower Rates of Interest – The rate of interest in banks is low as compared to those of the lending agencies and few finance instruments such as credit cards, etc.

Business Loans Offer Tax Benefits – Businesses taking bank loan can enjoy tax benefits since the ratio of profits is used to pay the loan amount; it is exempted from tax calculations.

Business Loan Comparison from Different Banks/NBFCs Before making the final decision on your business loan provider, make sure the various factors are compared with other banks and NBFCs. The factors that should be considered are interest rate, which type of interest rate method is used, processing fee and other charges, EMI, what are eligibility criteria, is there a need for collateral or not, how reliable the bank is, what minimum requirement criteria are and so on.

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